Within a minute of Rosebooms goal Whitehorse added 2 more of

Gifts from Artlink and Fort Wayne Museum of Art stand out as different and delightful, and The Hedge custom stationery makes an inspired gift. I recommend treating yourself or a loved one to printed fine art created locally by Julie Wall. I love being able to commission a hand lettered painting as a gift to others.

Our bus arrived at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, USAat 8:45 am where the start line is located. To my delight, there were about 20 port a potties set up and the lineups were painless. We were allowed to warm up in the art gallery and check out the exhibits before the start time at 10:00 am.

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Whitehorse got on the board with a power play marker two minutes into the game. Ryan Roseboom replied for Terrace five minutes later after a couple of nice passes from Colin Bell and Keaton Gordon. Within a minute of Rosebooms goal Whitehorse added 2 more of their own on a nervous looking Terrace squad to take a commanding 3 1 lead..

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