Us india diplomat

Us india diplomat.

We take a look at Indian diplomat’s view of US strategy to deal with North Korea.

Dharm Singh, Indian diplomat from the Middle East, wrote a letter to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to address differ카지노 사이트ences between the two countries over the nuclear program.

He said the nuclear deal on North Korea was “more important for India than for any other c우리카지노ountry” and that India has no qualms supporting the UN sanctions.

“My country will continue to support the U.N. Security Council,” he said, responding to a question from A.P. Raja. “I am convinced that India should lead the way in making this matter an important issue in the international community. India has its own interests with respect to North Korea, but it should not be part of the nuclear talks.”

In reply to a similar query, Raja said India has to maintain a “high degree of integrity”. He said India had a long tradition of dealing diplomatically with China and North Korea.

As a diplomat, the letter said, it was appropriate for China to join the UN sanctions regime but that other countries, especially India, have to continue to carry out such actions.

“But, let us not make it more difficult and we cannot ignore the United Nations,” he said, citing the threat of sanctions and other measures being taken in the United Nations because of North Korea’s nuclear programs.

Raja also said India should show good intentions by pursuing its policy of supporting the UN sanctions.

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J.P.Nanayan is a corr더킹카지노espondent with Mint in Bangalore. A former Indian Ambassador to the United Nations, she was appointed a UN Special Rapporteur for North Korea last year, after a ten-year career.

First Published: Apr 23, 2017 14:28 IST