Transactions API and Digital Order API specifications

Transactions API and Digital Order API specifications

All behavior applying the deals API, Digital acquisition API (a Bing Enjoy Billing provider), or utilizing Direct Actions (such as the products Order Direct actions API) must conform to these needs:

  1. Comply with the purchase terminology from inside the terms of service for measures on Google.
  2. Apply every one of the needed means and variables, including correct purchase dealing with and acknowledgements, and don’t establish duplicate purchases.
  3. Offer accurate and prompt ideas, like prices, and summaries.
  4. Offer your very own customer service, and offer a person solution communications number and/or email addre.
  5. Only make use of information that is personal acquired via the conversational program to improve that exchange, such as delivering receipts, confirmations, and revisions. You should independently obtain the user’s permission (via an opt-in) to use that facts regarding other purpose, including advertisements.

For behavior using the Digital acquisition API just:

  • Only properties or treatments ordered in the Action, or on another system according to the exact same concept since the Action, is generally acceed of the user from the measures on the internet system.
  • Behavior must not straight or indirectly head customers to a fees approach other than through the Digital acquisition API, either within or not in the Motion.

For behavior utilising the purchases API just (as Bing cannot offer these features):

  • Implement all required callback APIs associated with providing exchange reputation updates within the given time periods, and any follow-up activities.
  • Offer a precise and itemized receipt to all or any people by mail and properly arranged all associated details for deals where cash is exchanged.

Naming and service list

The Action’s pronunciation and Aistant show name’s how customers connect to and find out Actions. Your own Action’s listing dramatically affects the Directory’s quality, so avoid spammy listings, low-quality promotion, and anything that artificially enhances your actions’s presence. Complete every one of the info required for the directory site listing, including promoting visible, non-blank icons.

The Action’s directory site list (like term, summaries, etc.) must adhere to the Prohibited information and Intellectual land procedures rather than integrate words which happen to be vulgar, sexually direct, or offensive.

Identity demands

All measures should have a phonetically special pronunciation that will allow users to trigger the Action’s features. Action pronunciations become special within each language, so when a name is approved, few other Motion can register equivalent phonetic term in the same code. Your directory site list should have one test enunciation, all of these must incorporate the Action’s label, for example “Talk to Bing Buying,” and consistently causes the actions.

Brands must meet up with the preceding specifications:

  • One-word labels aren’t enabled, unle title is different to your brand name or signature inside the regions which your own motion is acceed. Directions to request an exception for specific nations tend to be belowpound terms busted into several terms won’t prevent this requirement. As an example, key board counts jointly phrase.
  • Two-word names aren’t enabled if one of the terminology are an absolute post (the), long article (a or an), pronoun (like my personal), or preposition (for, to, or of). For instance, their identity shouldn’t be a bicycle, an espreo, to amuse and enjoyable.

A name uniquely recognizes their Action, as a result it must separate alone off their behavior and through the Aistant’s center properties. We don’t allow brands which can be:

  • Common phrases (age.g., thanks, how could you be?, hello)
  • Confusingly close with center attributes of the Aistant (elizabeth.g., avoid, send opinions, switch off the lighting, show-me films of, what’s the elements, avoid this song, ready the temperatures to, etc.)
  • Quite perplexing consumers into thinking they are reaching Bing or that Google is marketing, promoting, or supporting articles presented inside the activity (e.g., your favorite activity, best music application, most widely used motion a lot of searched Development)
  • General, like terms or expressions which are types of merchandise, services, or material. We’re going to give consideration to exclusions to this ban on a case-by-case grounds. Guidance to ask an exception tend to be below.

Names of people or locations aren’t permitted unle additionally they consist of various other phrase (e.g., Bill’s horoscope or nyc tourism) or perhaps you is a national service of the place (eg, the City of brand new York can enroll the name new york).

Some words and phrases is reserved and cannot be applied in labels, like, ok, yahoo, establish, query, tell, load, escape quit, quantity right up, game, action, aistant, experience, and software. Test thoroughly your title into the API dash to confirm it generally does not need a reserved keyword or term. We may render exceptions beyond doubt booked terminology or expressions if used in a qualifying multi-word combination, if the name isn’t perplexing, incase it willn’t usually break these policies. Information to request an exception tend to be under.

According to the words, some figures are forbidden for the show identity industry; for example, dialects by using the Latin alphabet must consist of only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between terms, poeive apostrophes (age.g., Sam’s science trivia), or menstruation included in abbreviations (e.g., a. b. c.). More characters including numbers needs to be spelled out (age.g., twenty-one).

Names ought to be an easy task to pronounce precisely and stay phonetically specific to prevent being misinterpreted as comparable sounding terms or any other motion brands (within the exact same language). Avoid using brands that are phonetically just like people restricted by these strategies, instance vulgar, unpleasant, common, or usual brands, although spelled in a different way.

In evaluating these plans, we take into account the pronunciation in the screen title, how it’s spelled in system, in addition to frequently accepted option to spell the pronounced phrase (if there’s one).

We are going to consider conditions to certain naming strategies on a case-by-case basis; you’ll be able to ask a difference filling in this form and asking for Display list aistance.

Samples of generic Names:

  • My Trips Agent
  • Smart Room
  • Supermarket
  • Online Game Actions