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“An achievement mindset is constructed upon a terrific relationship with yourself ” — Stacy RaskeIn this informative article collection, we are exploring the subject of handling crisis and how to adapt and conquer. The circumstance of the series is that the physical and financial fallout that came out of the COVID 19 pandemic. Crisis management is just one attribute that lots of powerful leaders share in common, and in many cases, it is the most essential trait essential to live and thrive in today’s complex market. I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacy Raske. Stacy is a decorated US Army Veteran of the Iraq War, bestselling author, keynote speaker, leadership mentor, along with Soulful Success Coach enabling Alpha Women leaders and leaders who’ve plateaued to change from intimidating and overwhelmed to powerful and authentic by leading with spirit. Using lessons learned from her trauma recovery journey, Stacy is enthusiastic about helping leaders develop a huge effect and build a legacy through deep inner work and adapting, allowing them to reach their enterprise and income goals quickly. When she’s not changing lives and businesses together with her training and talking, Stacy can be found riding her motorcycle all around the US and travel the world. Thank you a lot for doing so with us! Before we dig , our readers Top five ways to avoid being caught in a high tech trap – Stacyknows would really like to get to know a little bit. Can you tell us a little about your youth”backstory”? My parents divorced when I was really young, so I climbed up living mainly with my mother in the suburbs of Chicago. Time with my dad was so inconsistent, even though I sometimes lived with him and his family full time. My mom and I moved a lot, eventually focusing on our biggest adventure moving from Illinois to Alaska when I was 13. Midway through my junior year of high school, she made a decision to proceed AGAIN, but that I refused to alter high schools. She proceeded, and I stayed, so I spent my final year and a half of high school on my own, crashing with friends, but graduated. After attending school for two years, I realized it was out of anticipation than chasing my own goals, so I decided to take a break and moved into Utah. Following a couple of years and some deep self-reflection, I knew it was time for a radical shift, so I joined the Army in early 2001. The traumas and betrayal of my childhood have fueled my trip and shaped who I am today. My story is exactly that which led me to joining the army and beginning my own business