The Pet Shop Owner – a pet that is lonely owner gets solace in her own stock. By anon.

The Pet Shop Owner – a pet that is lonely owner gets solace in her own stock. By anon.

Per day In The Park – A nature professional professional photographer views some genuine wildlife in the park 1 day. By Camerawoman.

Getting Lanced – Lisa experiences her very first dog cock. By Janet McCoy.

The Neighbors Dog Drops By – whenever Lancer comes panties that are calling dropping. By Janet McCoy.

Barry – tale on how i obtained into having such raunchy nasty sex. We dated a much older guy whom introduced me personally to all of it. By sexydirtygirl.

A Desert Encounter – A man discovers things he never ever knew (Gay themes in this whole tale). By newatit33.

Hitched towards the Pack – a woman that is submissive hitched. By teejayh.

Tina’s Afternoon pleasure – a girl experiencing ignored by her husband chooses to benefit from a way to include a brand new and exciting element to her sex-life. By PatC.

The Veterinarian’s Assistant – Maya’s assists away from her friend’s clinic that is veterinary. By Krombomich.

Their Bitch To Breed – What takes place when you might be on both hands and knees. By albertsdog.

The Kinky Threesome – A Three-way with my better half and…the puppy? By Veneka.

Todd’s very very first Bitch – A mans very first time with a dog that is female. By Miss_Kitty.

Jackie’s First K9 Fun camcrush – My girlfriend attempts doggy cock. By biguy181.

Bitch In Heat – i get to be the star of the show tonight. By sindy sin.

Hiking Stray – This horny hiker helps find a missing dog and gets her only reward. By iqracer.

The Veterinarian’s Assistant – Maya’s job that is new maybe maybe perhaps not exactly exactly what she expected, but she’s hopeless for work and can do just about anything. By Krombomich.

The street to Kinky – From Spanking to Doggy. By DaddySternnn.

Raunchy – I’m an attractive girl that is dirty I like behaving just like a slut. They are tales about my adventures having raunchy sex. By sexydirtygirl.

Her Mom’s Secret Life (Excerpt) – Erin wonders why her moms and dads always want her out of our home a few evenings a month and chooses to spy on it to learn. Just exactly What she discovers modifications her life forever. By Moe Lester.

Screwing the Pooch or Al’s Vacation – Mike and Al journey to see Al’s sibling Naomi. By butliquor55.

Freshman – From the fledgling experience after twelfth grade, I experienced not thought much about dogs until I made a decision to obtain certainly one of my personal inside my semester that is second at. By Kelly.

Just exactly exactly What Sarah desires (Excerpt) – Sarah is in a rut working during the county collection feeling extremely unhappy along with her life until she finds a porn guide that modifications her life. By Moe Lester.

Trip to Debbie – Is this fiction or perhaps is it real or even a little bit of both – that is for your reader to determine! By Ruth28.

Doberman Protector – Wife and husband split, spouse takes the children and spouse takes all the fun. By Ray. Smith273000.

Constantly a Slut. Now bitch! – real story of my degradation fetish ultimately causing my first time getting fucked by your dog. By SaphireSound.

Knot your Average woman – Boyfriend brings home a German shepherd and quickly discovers himself jealous. By Ray. Smith273000.

Summertime – Chloe discovers the “pack” whenever she begins a brand new work. By Misty_Tiratzo.

Pet Shop Girls 1 – evening in the Park, where in actuality the Dogs Are – since the heir of this Lemos organization, along with the means things endured now, she had been possibly the woman that is richest in Sao Paolo, or even among the wealthiest in most of Brazil. And each time she looked at that, she felt a longing that is certain her feet. By Kathrin.

My Girlfriend’s Daughter – They catch Ebony watching bestial porn and an orgy ensues. By Anonymous.

Lad & me personally at xmas – Midwinter in the plains that are northern cool and windy, but my border collie is able to keep their girl hot. By threeOranges.

K9 Sex like she was their bitch– I told Paige that each dog was going to breed her. She began to look nervous, however it was far too late. By Charles-Smythe.

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Lad & me personally within the Barn – My border collie’s a learner that is fast and he’ll herd my ass right off towards the barn to apply their most useful tricks beside me. By threeOranges.

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A Duke for Marie – that is a whole tale about a female who’s on it’s own and finds your pet dog for the business after her spouse becomes deceased. By merrymarie222.

Caught when you look at the Park (excerpt) – After Suzy gets caught doing an act that is unspeakable she runs overseas and falls in with a farmboy on your way out to sow their crazy oats. By Moe Lester.