The marriage ceremony includes two-fold

The marriage ceremony includes two-fold

Basic, a wedding ceremony happens the spot where the rings are given. Another part is the wedding, where couples commonly wear their crowns / wreaths on the minds, brand new priest prays in their mind, both are taking of popular glass, and in the end they’re going in the altar. In most cases, a couple of priests can be found.

On altar, there’s a dish with an article of towel. Into the dish, the wedding wreaths (stefana), glucose almonds (koufetes), marriage rings, rose petals, and grain are on it. Concurrently, there are a cup nice dark wine. The fresh new altar table is additionally where in fact the marriage certification is found on, that pair and koumbaros / koumbara must signal following the ceremony.


From the weddings provide the tourist a little gift named bomboniere. This can be tied including tulle, that have sugar-decorated almonds into the, which in Greek visualisez-le is named koufeta. Commonly, your share new tulle-covered glucose almonds to the tourist on chapel following ceremony, but the majority of desire supply the merchandise at reception later.

  1. The fresh new white color on the outside shows purity.
  2. Brand new egg shape of the almond is short for virility.
  3. The brand new hardness of your almond presents the effectiveness of relationship.
  4. The latest nice preference on the glucose is symbolic of the fresh sweetness of your wedding.
  5. Eventually, exactly how many almonds keeps a particular meaning. You usually offer three, five otherwise eight almonds every single guest (or any other strange matter). It ought to be an odd matter since it can’t be separated. This will be transferred to the happy couple, that’ll and additionally be indivisible adopting the marriage.

A greeting to all the guests

If the few has been couple, they check out substitute front side of your altar, its backs against the church. The mother and father are also waiting there next to the partners to help you acceptance each of the visitors. First, the new koumbaros and you will koumbara welcome the couple in addition to moms and dads of the kissing the face (very first best, then kept).

When they’ve met, they twist beside the partners and the mothers to help you invited the latest visitor as well. Today, brand new traffic mode a line, and every comes up into the few to greeting and you can compliment them, in addition to anticipate mom and dad as well as the koumbari in advance of they exit this new church to see the brand new group.

The initial dancing

Very first, every customers visited the fresh new people, and therefore the wedding couple could be the last to look. Usually, optimistic sounds is played due to the fact couples strolls into the area whenever you are all tourist took their chair. Once the partners has reached brand new moving floors, the songs change and additionally they start dance the first moving once the couple. Later on, it will be the groom’s seek out dance along with his mommy, finally brand new bride to be dances together with her dad just before visitors consist down.

Cutting the marriage cake

Inside Greece, wedding events constantly take place in the evening, particularly during the summer, or even it’s also sizzling hot to get married. Thus, it is reasonably a tradition (at least for the Kalymnos) that the couples incisions the wedding cake shortly after the first dancing. This might be so the marriage pie will not fade into the the warmth. Yet not, you can choose would anything you need, given that life aren’t fixed statutes.

The happy couple slices a bit of the pie which have both holding an equivalent knife. It lay a piece toward a plate, where bride gets their partner a bite with a scoop, right after which the fresh bridegroom feeds his spouse a bite of your own cake with the exact same scoop. Then partners daddy a container of wine, which is put toward a few glasses. The couple products on the glasses with one to arm entered more than one other. Later on, the wedding cake try delivered for the cooking area are slash, therefore most of the website visitors for each score a piece.