Protection Guidelines. Online dating sites and Hook-Up Protection Tips

Protection Guidelines. Online dating sites and Hook-Up Protection Tips

Violence might have physical, psychological, and monetary effects. We encourage LGBTQ and HIV-affected community people getting support and remain safe, including whenever dating or hooking up online. We could assist even when the incident is not reported towards the authorities and we keep all information private.


Produce a security plan and let somebody else understand (we could help!). Inform a minumum of one individual regarding the plans, such as for example whom you’ll be with, an approach to make contact with the person/people you plan to do that you are meeting, meeting place, and what. Arrange ahead of time exactly what will take place whether you want police called if you feel unsafe, such as where they will meet you and.

Make use of your tech. Text your self or buddies about where you’ll be or what your location is, the handle the individual or people utilize in the internet site or phone software. Add an image of the individual, and save yourself communications when utilizing internet sites and phone apps.

Meet in public areas. Fulfilling in public permits for greater alternatives for security. If possible bring friends as they can watch your back and give you their impressions with you. In the event that individual does look like the n’t image, question them about any of it. When they don’t have a remedy you are feeling confident with, keep.

Understand your restrictions. You will use if you’re going to use substances, including alcohol, consider deciding ahead of time when and how much.

Training safer intercourse. You may have sex, make it safer sex—bring safer sex supplies and use them if you think. AVP has totally totally free safer sex supplies (condoms for males as well as for ladies, lube, dental dams, etc.) available and may allow you to security plan around simple tips to pose a question to your sex partner to take part in safer intercourse.

Incidents of hook-up violence can occur in public areas areas such as bars, sex/play parties, etc. allow buddies, other clients, or bar/nightclub staff understand in the event that you leave temporarily when you want to get back. Whenever you are outside, scan the road for establishments (such as for instance a bodega or automobile solution) where you are able to go to look for assistance in the event that you feel unsafe. Don’t keep any beverages or your possessions unattended. Discuss your interests and boundaries for intercourse, including BDSM, before engaging.

Trust your instincts. If you feel threatened or unsafe at any point, if at all possible exit the problem.

You can easily say no. Regardless of whom initiates or how far you’ve gone, you are able to take a look at any right time for almost any explanation.


It’s perhaps perhaps perhaps not your fault. No one gets the straight to violate your boundaries or commit violence it happens or how you met.Document the incident against you, no matter where. Just simply simply Take pictures of every injuries; keep documents of email messages, texts, calls.Consider attention that is medical guidance after an event. Violence may have numerous real and impacts that are emotional. AVP has free and counseling that is confidential help team sessions available.

Hate Violence and Police Violence Protection Guidelines


Allow somebody understand your plans for the who you’ll be with and if plans change night. Brainstorm ahead of time methods people can contact and support you.Be conscious of environments. Find public areas and 24-hour organizations to find help should you feel unsafe.Trust your instincts. From the situation as quickly as possible.Use words to alert bystanders and use your body to defend yourself or to get away.Leave a trail: Program our hotline information (212-714-1141) into your phone; let people around you know when you leave a place; text yourself or friends about where you’ll be; save e-mails and online messages if you feel threatened or unsafe, remove yourself.


Start thinking about attention that is medical an event. Violence might have a real and impact.Document that is emotional event. Simply just just Take pictures of accidents, and keep records of emails, texts and calls.Take proper care of your self. Use buddies, lovers, and household.

Police Violence

Yourself when they arrive if you’ve called the police, introduce. This shows you know to report misconduct.If you’re harassed or assaulted because of the police, manage to get thier name and badge/car figures.You don’t need to consent up to a search of one’s individual, your car or truck, or your property. Try not to attempt to stop police from looking you. Rather, repeat aloud, “I usually do not consent to the search.”You have actually the best to watch and report authorities tasks. Just simply simply Take video clip and images at a distance that is safe.

Contact us. We’re right here to guide LGBTQ and HIV-affected survivors of most types of violence, including hook-up, dating, intimate, intimate partner, hate, and police physical physical violence. When you have witnessed or experience physical violence, we encourage one to phone our 24-hour bilingual (English/Spanish) hotline at 212-714-1141 where you could consult with a tuned therapist or even make use of our secure online reporting form.

Look after your self. Make use of the assistance of supportive buddies, lovers and family members.

Join up. To hold our communities safe, try our community arranging work. Assist develop our programs and jobs to create security for many communities.