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Additionally, the reading isn’t particularly useful on its own. “It can’t replace a visit or call with the doctor who can assess all of your symptoms and how they relate to any underlying medical conditions you have,” explains Stephen Parodi, infectious disease physician and associate executive director of the Northern California Permanente Medical Group.

But San Sebastián is far from being an isolated case in risking economic depletion from mass tourism. Along with Venice, Barcelona, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca and many other southern European cities, San Sebastián is now part of a network fighting for a more sustainable model of tourism and ultimately working for a perhaps surprising common goal: the opposite of growth.

In the two enclosures nude sunbathing has always been allowed, but a little while ago an over-zealous head keeper demanded that bodies be decently attired, even when exposed. The regulars kept a costume handy, ready to whip on whenever he appeared. Feeling ran so high for a while that one Sunday a demonstration against clothed sunbathing was staged, and anyone passing would have seen a succession of fully dressed protesters diving in off the top board.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bathers at Hampstead Ponds Hampstead Heath. Photograph: David Levene/The GuardianOn a normal sunny summer’s day there is always a nucleus of the regulars. How do they manage to spend their afternoons “cooking themselves like bits of steak,” as Professor Joad, himself a frequent visitor, once put it. They work at Reuters at night, or they are dentists with well-arranged surgeries, or racing car drivers. A few may be lesser novelists. Quite a lot are full-time sun-worshippers. They bring little pieces of carpet to lie on, bottles of tea and loba negra mobi coffee and cold lunch, and evil mixtures of homemade sun lotion. Some have manuscripts. A common sight is the man who stands on his head in the corner, motionless for two hours or more – a yoga enthusiast perhaps. Another does handstands on one hand, slowly raising and lowering his body. Frequently, bodies are contorted in weird positions. This is not for the sake of any religious cult. They are tanning those last four inches of armpit to complete the overall effect.

Sign up to the daily Business Today email or follow Guardian Business on Twitter at @BusinessDeskAll the major US stock markets were in the red on Tuesday, with the S&P 500 and the Dow down over 2%. While many traders see the sell-off in tech as a move by investors to take some profits after a historic boom, broader concerns about the US economy also appear to be worrying the markets.

What is it?By very gently pinching the fleshy part of your fingertip and painlessly shining a light into it, the device detects your pulse rate and the percentage of your red blood cells carrying oxygen, or blood oxygenation, explains Alon Dagan, emergency medicine physician at Beth Israel Lahey Health.

Don’t fence in our fun, say wild swimmers Read more”I wouldn’t swim in that mud hole if you paid me; catch some nasty infection. And they’ve found bodies under the raft.” They did once find a body under the raft, but the pond’s supporters are equally vehement. Many of the regulars have been going there for twenty years or more. The swimming club which uses it as a headquarters is there every weekend, and holds a race every Boxing Day.

Without knowing what’s typical for you, it’s hard to know whether your numbers are concerning. While 95% to 100% is normal for most healthy people, Dagan points out that someone with chronic lung disease may be at 92% “on a good day”. Ungerleider suggests calling your doctor “if the number is downtrending over time and falls to 92% or lower, especially if you are exhibiting other respiratory symptoms”.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘So delighted was the city council about Rifkin’s Festival that it threw an official reception at city hall to welcome the director on the eve of shooting.’ Woody Allen at a press conference in San Sebastián in July. Photograph: Javier Etxezarreta/EPAIt is worth paying attention to these words since they epitomise the nature of the transaction here. The film – at least as far as the city fathers are concerned – isn’t just a touch of Hollywood glamour, it is a perfect means to get the city more deeply embedded on the global tourist map. Allen’s film represents a two-hour advertising slot to spur the arrival of further visitors and investors. My fear is that this film will show an image of San Sebastián via a series of cliches that are easily recognisable by a global audience, but which are completely detached from the local reality.

So delighted was the council about Rifkin’s Festival that it threw an official reception at city hall to welcome the director on the eve of shooting. At a press conference beforehand Allen was enthusiastic about gracing the city, saying: “I’d like to convey to the world my view of San Sebastián the way I conveyed my view of Paris or New York to people.”