Dependent on the manner in which you decide, making use of periodic PrEP vary.

Dependent on the manner in which you decide, making use of periodic PrEP vary.

For cis men that have intercourse with dudes, to begin:

  • Just take 2 capsules (two fold dose) at least couple of hours before sex, subsequently
  • Just take 1 product every 24 hours after the dual dosage

Next to cease, after the finally hook-up:

  • Grab 1 tablet every day for 2 times

For everybody otherwise instance trans people who hook-up along with other men, to begin:

  • Need 1 pill daily for an entire 7 days before gender

Then to get rid of, after your latest hook-up:

  • Capture 1 pill daily for 28 period

In which as well as how should I access preparation?

Access Preparation through Australian Medical System

If you find yourself an Australian homeowner with a present Medicare card you can access PrEP through PBS at a subsidised expense. This implies any medical practitioner or doctor can write a script for PrEP which you’ll take to any pharmacy for dispensing (range) or look at the a€?PrEP accessibility todaya€™ website for other cost-efficient alternatives. Understand you may have to pay for your doctora€™s go to if ita€™s maybe not a bulk payment service.

Accessibility preparation through personal importation

If you’re not in a position to access preparation through Medicare, an alternative choice will be acquire a simple type of medication from a qualified international distributor. You still need a script from a health care professional before ordering online. You’ll find multiple companies which export PrEP into Australia at various costs. Go to the a€?PrEP Access todaya€™ website for additional information. You can buy a few months of PrEP at one time to save lots of on delivery bills, and make certain for a review of different web pages getting good price. There are several different medicines as you are able to purchase on the web, therefore make certain that the medication you purchase is the same one that is on your own script that medical practitioner have composed obtainable.

Simply how much does preparation cost through PBS?

A person with a Medicare cards and a software from their doctor would have to render a PBS co-payment within drugstore whenever gathering her PrEP, the exact same regarding various other drugs accessed through the PBS. Maximum expense per script increased from $40.30 to $41.00, while for concession holders, the price enhanced from $6.50 to $6.60 per software.

With greater regularity Expected Questions Regarding PrEP

How do you come across a health care professional who is going to suggest PrEP?

Any physician may now recommend PrEP. When choosing a physician, it is important you will find an individual who you’re feeling safe discussing your intimate records with since this is needed for the eligibility and continuing screening if you simply take preparation.

Should youa€™re trying to find a doctor who can recommend PrEP for your needs or wanna communicate with individuals about preparation before you visit your physician, it is possible to phone the NSW Sexual Health Info hyperlink on 1800 451 624.

Can anyone see Preparation?

Preparation can be acquired for those who are in threat of obtaining HIV.

For homosexual and bisexual boys the possibility standards range from having condomless sex with someone who doesna€™t understand her HIV standing, creating a regular lover with HIV who isn’t on procedures, creating a recent STI in your arse such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia or you periodically party and play.

There might be instances when anybody is recommended PrEP without fulfilling these standards, but this may call for a topic with a health care professional.

I will be contemplating using PrEP, what exactly do i have to carry out?

In case you are considering beginning preparation, you will have to see a health care professional or intimate health clinic. Throughout your basic appointment they will certainly go over your eligibility for preparation, complete the desired evaluation for HIV and STIs, and look your renal function.

Once you have done the desired examination, you’re going to be given a script that you’ll accumulate from a drugstore. Ita€™s vital that you understand that PrEP is over just a pill; its an application which calls for normal medical practitioner check outs and HIV and STI evaluating every three months. You will additionally intend to make a follow-up visit within one period for the next HIV examination. From then on, you need a consultation every 90 days keeping getting the prescription.

We dona€™t have actually Medicare, what does which means that personally?

If you dona€™t have access to Medicare, while you won’t be eligible to obtain subsidised preparation via the PBS, you can consider personal importation that can easily be an affordable alternative. Numerous international importation solutions provide universal preparation at a cost much like subsidised PrEP through PBS. You may nonetheless want a script from an Australian doctor and there can be a cost associated with your own visit or needed assessment. To view PrEP via private importation, we recommend browsing PrEPAccessNow site

Imagine if i wish to transfer preparation me?

If you would like access PrEP now, you will discover more using the information within our PrEP accessibility selection source or simply you might get in touch with the NSW Sexual Health information back link on 1800 451 624.

Be aware of the Details About Preparation

You could have quite a few questions about PrEP , these factsheets in soon after languages below solution several of the most conventional ones requested:

If you want to dicuss to someone in your own code, contact the Translating and Interpreting services (TIS) on 131 450 to inquire of for an interpreter after which ask them to name the NSW sex Health Infolink on 1800 451 624.