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I currently can’t find any copies of the Fraggle Trap Game on Amazon or eBay in the United States. I was able to find one copy of the game that sold in the UK for around 10 British pounds ($13) with 18 pounds ($20) shipping. If you were planning on selling the game in the UK I would estimate the value would be around that much. When you say that the game hasn’t been played with, does that mean the game is still factory sealed?

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I will preface this by saying that I am far from an expert on Monopoly. As far as value Monopoly is one of the hardest board games to judge as there have been so many versions of the game released over the years. Most versions of Monopoly are basically worthless but there are some versions that can be really valuable. The newer versions of Monopoly (newer than ) that are worth money are the unique topics/themes that had limited print runs. Masterpiece in a game that was originally released in the 1970s where players bought and sold paintings in order to make money. Generally used copies of the game can easily sell for $30-$50 on Amazon.

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If so the value of the game would probably go up quite a bit since board game collectors generally like purchasing games that are still factory sealed. It might go up some in the next month or so as we approach the Christmas season as older children’s games tend to sell for more near Christmas . Family and friends might be willing to pay more for the game if they have a loved one that really likes the show and doesn’t currently have the game.

  • Its large library includes games released within the past few years, as well as a variety of old classics.
  • The condition of a used board game doesn’t always affect gameplay.
  • On BoardGameCo, you’ll find new and used board games of all genres.
  • It brought in nearly $300 and comes with everything to play the game, all tucked away in a bright and clean box.
  • Based on the 1963 TV series, The Mighty Hercules board game is “mighty scarce” according to the seller.

As I have mentioned in the post eBay prices tend to be lower side for board games though. best multiplayer games I attribute some of this to most sellers on eBay just wanting to sell an item right away which means they don’t get the best price for it. If you want to sell the item on eBay I would guess you could probably get between $30-50. As far as Amazon if I was selling the game I would probably list it for around $50-80 since people are generally willing to pay a premium for sealed copies if that is important to them. I will point out though if you were planning on selling the game on Amazon you will have to be patient since the game could take months to over a year to sell.

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In the United States we had our own Fraggle Rock game produced by Milton Bradley at around the same time as the Fraggle Trap game but the two games are totally different games. The Milton Bradley game doesn’t appear to have a lot of value as it sells for around $10-25 on eBay. Being a British game though I would guess Fraggle Trap would have more value as it would be quite a bit harder to find in the United States. Selling board games internationally can be kind of a pain though.

If the game is newer than the early 1900s I don’t think the game will have much value as so many different versions of the game have been made throughout the years. As far as outside of the UK I think the valuation becomes a little more interesting. Fraggle Rock is one of those shows that actually has quite a few fans which should drive demand for the game. I am a little curious about how many copies of the game were made as I am not that familiar with Falcon Games. Being a licensed product there probably were a decent amount of copies of the game produced but probably not as many copies as there would be if the game was produced in the United States.