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Synthetic forms of marijuana, including K2, can also pose severe health problems, Lavie said. In 2018, contaminated synthetic pot in Illinois caused bleeding disorders that were so severe some doctors nearly mistook patients’ symptoms for Ebola. If people who are on heart-related medications do choose to use marijuana, it’s important that they hemp oil for sleep tell their doctor and their pharmacist, so the medication dosages can be adjusted if needed. How people ingest marijuana, along with the drug’s purity, are the biggest risk factors, doctors say.

This review summarizes the information available on the subject based on existing published studies. Common questions facing the anesthesiologist at each phase of the perioperative period will be addressed and a systematic approach to the effect of cannabinoids on various organ systems will also be presented.

As such co-administration of CBD with the following drugs is not recommended. One of the most promising aspects of cannabis is its therapeutic potential for treating opiate addiction, with studies revealing patients who are given access to medical marijuana decrease their use of opioids by 40–60%. As so little information is currently available, SSRI patients interested in medical cannabis should consult their doctor before use.

Issues unique to cannabis use such as cannabis withdrawal syndrome and alterations in post-operative pain processing will also be discussed. To date, the number of studies available for guidance is small and study designs are markedly heterogenous, if not limited, making conclusions challenging. While the currently available information can assist in making decisions, further studies of larger scale are eagerly anticipated to help guide future patient care.

Extreme care should be undertaken when combining CBD with anticonvulsants or other epileptic drugs, with researchers advising compulsory monitoring of drug levels to observe patients’ liver functions. While we know CBD can potentially help mediate MDR in cancer the full extent of CBD’s drug interactions is not currently fully known. However, research indicates that some forms of CBD can have potential drug interactions with select enzymes responsible for drug transportation.

Medical cannabis use is common in the United States and increasingly more socially acceptable. As more patients seek out and acquire medical cannabis, primary care physicians will be faced with a growing number of patients seeking information on the indications, efficacy, and safety of medical cannabis. We present a case of a patient with several chronic health conditions who asks her primary care provider whether she should try medical cannabis. Researchers also noted that abnormal liver function test results were found in participants who took the anticonvulsant Valproate in conjunction with CBD.